Setting up the tools

Be data-driven with digital analytics

After finding the facts, comes what?

In everything we do, we start from data. We evaluate from the insights we have got from Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. They are data tools we use in several of our services. Regardless of whether it’s a website or a social media post, we always look at the data and see what we can do better, to always evolve ourselves and our clients. Our respect for data analysis has given us insights into how we can start each project from a more efficient perspective. That gives us the upper hand, towards our industry colleagues. We can track every penny that goes into each of our client’s campaigns and projects.

What do you know about your customers?

Useful data attracts the right people.

What do your existing and prospective customers look like? Getting to know your customer’s insights will give you useful insight into your future direction, as a company. We look through data, surveys, and you, the people behind the brand. By having your customer’s insights you will have created a great complement to research & analysis. User insights will also provide you with the goals and motivations of the user. Why they are choosing your brand and services. This is also information that is useful for future investors or partners. It provides an anchor about where the company stands today and in which direction the company is headed.

The process starts with setting up the tools. Then we define your main business goals and KPI’s. With that in mind, the next step is to tag these events and making data collection possible. The data that is collected is compiled and analyzed to help with strategic business decisions.