Urbanologi Brewing Lab

Swedish curiosity has taken us far. It has meant that we Swedes have crossed borders to what previously was thought impossible. We have been internationally acclaimed, successful, and defined by our curiosity.
What would happen if you combined the Swedish curiosity with a search for new, innovative flavors? If you dared to go against what many consider to be “too visionary.”

Together with the Swedish beer brand Urbanologi, Vaengad had the opportunity to shape the result.

Founded by: Therese Krupa & Johan Krupa Syllner
Photography: Tommy Darmark, Crosby
Set Designer: Evelina “Tekla” Severin
Renderings: Victor Norman


Vaengad has been a crucial part of realizing our vision for Urbanologi Brewing Lab. They’ve been our partner and sounding board throughout the entire process, constantly inspiring, challenging and pushing us.

They have an incredibly strong sense of strategic as well as creative thinking which have been truly valuable in this start-up phase.
We couldn’t be happier nor prouder with the outcome of their work. And besides, from their obvious skills, they are such great, genuine guys.

Therese Krupa
Co-founder UBL

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Urbanologi Brewing Lab.

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