Nike is more than just a company that sells shoes.
Nike innovates the future.
When releasing the 31st version of the iconic Pegasus running shoe, Vaengad was invited to join up with their very own product specialist and renowned long-distance runners: Kjell-Erik Ståhl and Sara Lahti to create the launch.
Kjell-Erik, a two-time winner of the Stockholm Marathon and a holder of the race record time: 2.10.38, also have a reputation of being one of the most active competitors with 12 marathons in one calendar year, shared his thoughts on long-distance running and what makes a difference and how to succeed.

Vaengad helped curate, art direct, and produce this extraordinary launch in collaboration with Nike Running Sweden and Löplabbet.

Office hotel is an office form that has become more popular in recent years. Being able to smoothly cross city boundaries from office to office to evolve and expand their network every day is something that tickles and attracts the self-employed. Lucky for them that Sweden’s leading office hotel chain promotes just this – borderless networking.

Art direction & production by Vaengad
All photos by Petter Johansson
Images courtesy of Nike Sweden


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